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Stupa Blessings

Odiyan Stupa with temple in the background

A stupa is a structure that symbolizes the perfect enlightened mind. By its very shape a stupa diffuses the forces of chaos and negativity and moves the human mind towards Enlightenment. Providing no place for the ego to take hold, the Stupa is a pure receptacle for devotion and prayer directed towards peace and harmony amongst living beings. With blessings magnified many times over by the relics sealed within, it promotes order in nature and in the wider cosmos, protecting from disasters and healing the disquiets of the human heart.

An ocean of blessings radiates fundamentally from the Odiyan Stupa’s symbolic form, prayer wheels, and the relics of Gautama Buddha and Tibetan masters. More than a symbol, the Odiyan Enlightenment Stupa actually transmits the power of enlightenment. Those who honor its presence can directly experience the blessings. Its ancient architecture has the power to answer many prayers: cure disease, ease the transition between death and rebirth, increase awareness, heal negativity and avert natural disaster.

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1- March 5, 2015: Display of Miracles (Chotrul Duchen)

2- June 2, 2015: Buddha's Enlightenment, & Parinirvana (Saga Dawa Duchen)

3- July 20, 2015: Turning the Wheel of the Dharma (Chokhur Duchen)

4- November 25, 2015: Descent from the Heavens (Lha Bab Duchen)

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